“This is a book to help people overcome the energy-draining effects of modern life. It is a book which needed to be written, one which has the power to change lives”

Gordon Adams, author of Overcoming Redundancy

“Kala truly understands the three core energy states – and the surprisingly powerful impact they can have on every person’s life. If you are tired of feeling tired this is a must read”

Andrew Leigh, author of the Laugh Away Your Inner Critic

“It is incredible that Kala has managed to bottle up over two decades of professional experience and observation in personal and professional energy into this easy to access book. A must read for all those who genuinely want to understand why they lack the energy they need and what to do about it”

Gary Adams. CEO, Healthcare Logistics Provider

"I have known Kala for over a decade, we have often discussed the subject of energy in its various guises and the way that it affects our attitude, the way we perform and our frame of reference. I am delighted that Kala has found the time to commit her thoughts into print to impart a deeper understanding of this fascinating subject.”

Jeremy McNamara, COO, Global Research Company

”The Power of Human Energy by Kala Flynn is a book that can genuinely help people overcome the energy-draining effects of modern life. It is a wonderful new concept which has the power to help us in so many ways and understand why we lack the energy we need. The book serves as an excellent introduction to the subject of our Human Energy, covering a selective range of key and current topics, and leaving you hungry to find out more.. A must have, must read book"

Barbara Capstick, Specialist HR, Coach and Mediator

“Kala is one of the most experienced and highly qualified, innovative and creative executive leadership and development coaches in the UK. I am delighted that Kala has chosen to commit these thoughts to print and I can recommend this book to anyone who is curious about their energy and how to manage it”

C. Matcham CMgr FCMI, Managing Partner, Stewart Charles Associates


The Power of Human Energy is not only an inspirational book. Full of antidotes

quotes and sound reasoning. It’s a must have bedside table companion and a

constant reminder of how to get the most out of our waking hours and how to best nurture the body when we sleep. In truth for me it’s a DIY book of life for life. Giving us the right tools of transport to take us from wherever and whatever position we start from to where we want to be in regards of health mind, body and spirit. Kala has done mankind proud by sharing this knowledge in such a compelling and easy read. With tons of information and wisdom it has been written in such a way that it can be tailored to suit each and every individual. And because the ideas are so user friendly I know it’s a book I will be revisiting time and time again. 

Thank you Kala. From Terry Edwards

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